Faye Arthur, Bendigo and Melbourne, February 2008

Faye was and always will be the heart and spirit of our paddling team. Losing her from our team is heartbreaking, however we treasure the memories.

She has been central to the times of fun and friendship, challenge and adventure, laughter and tears and most of all support for each other.

Faye embodied the true spirit of the Dragons Abreast movement.

The Survivors and Supporters of Dragons Abreast Bendigo

Faye Arthur was an original Melbourne (DA Victoria) paddler and started paddling with us in 2001. She would travel down from Bendigo with family or friends, paddle for an hour and then head home.

In 2005 she started the development of the Bendigo crew. I will always remember Faye as a vibrant, funny and enthusiastic lady who had a wicked sense of humour and a passion for paddling. Our loss is Angels Abreast’s gain.

The Survivors and Supporters of Dragons Abreast Melbourne

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