Dragons Abreast Geelong team formed in 2003.

The success of the Geelong group, as with all teams, is a coming together of breast cancer survivors and their supporters.

Each paddler brings a depth and strength that is valued, and we are all richer for the experience. Team members have said that paddling has changed their lives.

We train on the Barwon River and our emphasis is on fitness, fun and friendship with plenty of socializing.

We welcome all regardless of age, level of fitness or gender.

Training Times

Every Saturday @ 12.30pm

Wednesday during daylight saving @ 5.30pm.

What to bring:

– Wear warm, comfortable & loose fitting clothes. Thermals are great.

– Change of clothes just in case you get wet (from splashing!!)
– A drink bottle with water.

- Non slip shoes – crocs or sneakers are good.

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Barwon River Geelong

Geelong Canoe Club

Marnock Road


Contact Geelong

Get in touch with Dragons Abreast Australia on 1300 889 566 or fill in our enquiry form