The announcement that the next IBCPC Festival will be held in Italy during the summer of 2018 has generated much excitement worldwide - the Steering Committee anticipates that it will easily match the 2014 Sarasota Festival in terms of the number of paddlers and their supporters attending.  Already there has been a flurry of emails seeking more details.  The latest IBCPC

Newsletter at http://www.ibcpc.com/documents/August2015newsletter.pdf has the up-to-date information on the 2018 Festival and we will let you know as more details are decided. 

If you are not currently registered to receive the newsletters from IBCPC you can subscribe online at http://www.ibcpc.com/contact.htm

Australian National Representatives 

To better communicate with its expanding membership - a total of 154 member teams in 14 countries at last count, with IBCPC in conversation with other established teams to join as well as assisting breast cancer survivor teams to set up in areas where there is a need - IBCPC is helped by a network of National Representatives in each country.

There are 40 Australian member teams registered with IBCPC (not all are part of Dragons Abreast Australia) and these are managed by our four National Representatives, as listed below. 

If you group is not on this list (or is and should not be) please contact me at patricia.j.hancock@gmail.com to sort out the problem.

Angie O’Reilly  (Email: angieoreilly@hotmail.com)

Bravehearts on the Murray

DA Geelong

DA Tasmania Hobart

DA Ballarat

DA Melbourne

DA Peninsula

DA Merimbula

DA Devonport

DA Launceston

DA Albury Wodonga

DA Bendigo

DA Gippsland

Corina Bradley  (Email: corina.bradley7@gmail.com)

DA Central Coast

DA Townsville


DA Port Lincoln

DA Newcastle Hunter Valley

DA Brisbane

Redcliffe DA

DA Bribie Island

DA Gold Coast

DA Mt Warning 

Gill Goddard  (Email: gillian.g@bigpond.com)

DA Coffs Coast

Amazons Perth DA Club

DA Bunbury

DA Byron Bay

DA Clarence Valley

DA Bundaberg

DA Mackay

DA Adelaide

Adelaide Survivors Abreast Dragon Boat Club

Gillian Brown  (Email:  gilliansgo@hotmail.com)

DA Penrith

DA Illawarra

DA Wagga Wagga

DA Orange

DA Sydney

Pittwater Pinks

Flamin Dragons

DA Camden Haven

DA Dubbo

The National Representatives are there to ensure that you are kept informed about what is happening and that member teams’ information and views are communicated back to the IBCPC

Steering Committee.  Please email them at any time.

Pat Hancock

Australian Liaison and Steering Committee Member, IBCPC



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