In the Loop November 2015

In this edition:

  • News from the Board, 
  • New look newsletter, 
  • No Pain No Gain - Truth or Myth, 
  • DAA Festival 24 October 2015, Cockle Bay, Darling Harbour, 
  • National Paddle Month, 
  • DA Canberra - Annual Social & Corporate Regatta, 
  • Dragons Abreast National Regatta - Save the Date, 
  • IBCPC News, 
  • DA Ballarat celebrates 10 years, 
  • 2015 Ord Adventure , 
  • DA Orange & friends paddle Vogolana, 
  • DA Canberra & friends paddle Hong Kong, 
  • 20 years of Abreast in a Boat, 
  • Upcoming events.

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